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How smart home systems are useful in bbf: properties


At bbf: we strive to make our residents lives as comfortable and convenient as possible, that’s why we implement various smart home systems and solutions in our properties. For example, in each of our projects, a climate control system is installed by default and it can be controlled from anywhere in the house. In addition, each facility has a lighting control system, curtain control, smart TV and audio system control.

According to the company's IT and innovation department, other smart home solutions are provided individually upon request from customers - it’s possible to develop a smart home system separately for each tenant, since everyone has different needs. You can set up almost anything - turn on and off any devices, create various scenarios, implement control through a mobile phone - everything can be implemented at the customer request.

One of the nice novelties that we are now offering to our residents and which few other developers have is the sale and installation of electric car chargers in the resident individual parking space. If you already have a parking space, it can be equipped to charge your electric car in accordance with the car model.
Moreover, we offer our residents to use the energy received from the solar panels installed in the house to charge the car. Thus, this charge becomes absolutely free. Or this energy can be used in the house and reduce utility bills.